Use the mouse or tilt your device to look around.

Voice in the Data is a series of pieces about personal data, memory, and relationships.

Contacts is an overview of every message & contact.

Each tile in the grid is a contact, and their place in the grid is determined by the total amount of text messages in the conversation with them. Each pulses when a new message is added, and will shift and move places as time goes on, and other contacts overtake them.

Galaxies is a visualization of relationships over time.

Similar to Contacts, Galaxies visualizes each conversation with a contact as its own swirling mass of messages, growing and shrinking as time goes on.

Some come in strong, growing to be the largest in the system, before just as quickly dying out into nothing.

Vortex is every photo I've taken, thrown into a constant storm.

As time goes on, photos add to the vortex, each ring represents a month, and the photos position around that ring is the day it was taken. Photos fade from view as time goes on, but mainly to save on resources and prevent computers running the visualization from melting.

Each photo is represented by its average colour, becoming more of a representation of the image, instead of the image itself.

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